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Nearly a year ago we implemented an innovative new service for employers who use our Transition2Work program. Many of our clients are switching to Electronic Time Tracking and have found that it is an easier way to track employees who are working off-site on modified duty.

If you have not made the switch yet, here are six reasons why you should:


Never wait for timesheets

When an employer is dealing with paper timesheets, they may find themselves playing the waiting game. From fax transmission errors to employees forgetting to send sheets in, there are many factors that can contribute to delays. Electronic Time Tracking is immediate and puts an end to the wait. Employers have 24/7 real-time online access to each employee’s time records.

Errors are easier to spot and correct

Around the clock access allows employers to catch any errors that may occur immediately instead of waiting up to a week to spot them on a paper submission. If any errors are spotted, the employer can make appropriate changes right there on the spot.

Verification employee is on site

Electronic Time Tracking not only has Caller ID, it also has a sophisticated voice verification technology that can validate an employee’s location while working off-site. The employee is instructed to call from a land line and not a mobile phone. Clients can also sign up for email and text alerts, giving immediate assurance that the employee is at the designated location.

Run detailed reports

Various summary and detail views for time records are available to provide the desired level of specification. Information reported includes: time in/out for each date, job and activity code, total time worked for each shift, telephone number and Caller ID description for the phone number used. Reports can easily be printed, exported as spreadsheets, and shared with your team.

Integrate into most payroll software

Payroll deadlines are easily met with this cutting edge technology, as the program integrates easily with most popular payroll software and services. Employers are able to access in-depth reports right on the site, saving them time in and making the entire process the more efficient option.

User friendly

The process for clocking in and out is quick and easy. We include step-by-step instructions and convenient wallet cards to each employee. When employees call in, the system gives them easy to follow prompts. The online tracking is just as simple for the employer and allows each client a look at all employees utilizing the program at once.


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