From Left: Lindsey Pittard, Sarah McCants, and Nikki Whitehead

We are excited to announce the promotion of two members of our operations team, Lindsey Pittard and Nikki Whitehead. Lindsey has been promoted from Supervisor to Operations Manager and Nikki will take on a fresh role, that of Nonprofit Coordinator.


Lindsey Pittard

For Director of Operations, Sarah McCants, Lindsey’s promotion was a no-brainer. He has been her right hand man since she started and has demonstrated unequivocal leadership potential over his four years working for ReEmployAbility.

“I have found Lindsey to be one of the few people who reported to me who is mature beyond his years,” Sarah said. ” I have worked with hundreds of supervisors over my 20 years of experience and I consider him a ‘keeper.’  He has significant tenure and is very well respected.  Clearly he loves his job and this company.”

In his new role, Lindsey will be responsible for the success and well-being of the Transition2Work Program, including coaching and development, project management, problem resolution, and process fulfillment.

“Throughout my tenure, there’s been a persisting quality in our culture: we are a fantastic group of people. I’m proud to have been a part of that, and elated to be able to continue steering our growth and development,” Lindsey said.


Nikki Whitehead

During her three years at ReEmployAbility, Nikki has worked her way up from Placement Coordinator, to Team Lead, now to Nonprofit Coordinator. She has over 10 years of customer service experience and possesses a wealth of litigation expertise she has acquired in her previous roles within the company.

“I am certain that Nikki will help build this new roll into something that will increase our Sales and Marketing footprint and expand our ever growing non-profit network with positive outcomes,” Sarah said.

In this new role, Nikki will be the liaison to our non-profit partners and will be responsible for the overall experience with the non-profit organizations, including establishing solid partnerships and managing the relationship.

“I am so anxious and excited to begin my new role. Working directly with our non-profit partners is something I have been very passionate about since I started with the company. They play such an important part in why our program is so successful and I am looking forward to strengthening our relationship with our current partners as well as developing a partnership with new organizations.”