ReEmployAbility knows that our success and amazing growth is the result of our incredible team and their commitment to provide the best customer service every day to our clients.

That is why we are pleased and honored to recognize an employee who has been a passionate part of the company since 2007. Happy 12th Anniversary Account Executive Corie Wider!

Since joining the company in 2007, Corie has filled a variety of roles at ReEmployAbility. Her knowledge of the Transition2Work® program and longevity with the company has allowed her to excel and expand her position as Account Executive in the South Central and West Regions.

Corie’s hardworking attitude has made her an attentive Account Executive. She has strong relationships with many of our clients in the area and will take the time to learn a new customer’s goals so she can lead them to the best solution for them.

Corie embraces the heart and soul of our company. Not only is she a dedicated and outstanding member of our staff, she is genuinely one of the funniest people you will ever encounter. She keeps our work environment rocking with her effervescent personality and quick sense of humor.

“Corie has been an integral part of our team since she came on board over a decade ago,” said Director of Employee Engagement Victoria Giuliani. “Her longevity with the company has made her an expert on our program and her personality has allowed her to create lasting relationships with our clients.”

We sat down with Corie to reflect on the past 12 years at ReEmployAbility.

Q: What has been your favorite part about working at ReEmployAbility?

A: ReEmployAbility has enabled me to challenge myself and continuously grow. I’ve been with the company 12 years and have held a position in nearly every single department, including Placement Coordinator and Management. I’ve been able to gain extensive knowledge of the Workers’ Compensation industry from the opportunities I was given at ReEmployAbility.

Through the years, I have built lasting relationships both internally, as well as with the clients whom I’ve had the chance to work with. In addition, I have been able to travel and see parts of the country that I’m not sure I would have had the chance to visit otherwise. I feel very blessed to be in the position I’m within currently, and I’m grateful.

Q: How would you describe the corporate culture?

A: Internally, we are a pretty tight-knit group. There is a feeling of family and togetherness, and we all support each other 100%. We are a team and that “teamwork” spirit is always present. I’ve made life-long friends here at ReEmployAbility, and corporate has always fostered that type of culture. We have a good time, but we work hard, too. There is balance, which is invaluable and makes coming to work easy. In my time here, there has never been a day that I have dreaded coming to work!

Q: As one of our Account Executives you get to travel quite a bit, where is your favorite place to visit?

A: I really love San Diego, CA. The weather is perfect, the food is amazing, and it’s just a beautiful town. There’s a quick 20 minute drive from San Diego to La Jolla, where you can have lunch outside by the sea, then visit and have an up close and personal experience with the local sea lions! It’s a great place…I cannot wait to go back!

Q: What is something that would surprise people to know about you?

A: I have very, very curly hair! I blow dry and flat iron it every day to get it straight… otherwise, I would look just like Shirley Temple!