“Lovely” is actually a very fitting description for Brenda Lovely, ReEmployAbility’s Job Placement Coordinator! Since joining the team in 2004, Brenda has assisted in locating suitable jobs for many injured workers and has them learn how to best promote their employable skills and apply for jobs in their area. She was vital in the implementation of REAJobSource.com, sharing her experience with online applications and teaching injured workers how to utilize the resource. 

Before joining the ReEmployAbility Team, Brenda owned a popular Tampa restaurant (she’s a great cook!) When she’s not in the office, Brenda enjoys experimenting with new and classic recipes, spending time at home with her family, and watching plays at local theatres.

When asked about her thoughts on working for ReEmployAbility, Brenda says, “I am always looking to challenge myself personally and professionally! At ReEmployAbility, we are continuously working to develop new ideas and ways to grow. I am very proud to be a part of this outstanding company.”

To learn more about ReEmployAbility or to contact Brenda Lovely, call (866) 663-9880.