(Left to right): Katherine Loadwick (Team Leader), Brenda Lovely (Manager), Lindsey Pittard (Supervisor), Arielle Theodore (Team Leader), and Christine Joiner (Team Leader)

Congratulations to our new Transition2Work Team Leaders, Christine, Ari, and Katie. As part of our Transition2Work leadership team, each of the new Team Leaders will work closely with management to achieve service levels.

This new team was created to help us encourage innovation and collaboration within the Transition2Work team and continue to provide excellent customer service, in response to the high demand for our services.

In their new role, the Team Leaders are responsible for coaching and motivating a team of Placement Coordinators as they match injured workers with appropriate transitional work at nonprofit agencies seeking volunteers. They serve as a member and leader of their team, manage case load, respond to and resolve escalated claims issues, and ensure team goals are met or exceeded.