For the past four years, ReEmployAbility Placement Coordinator, Kristina Delgado, has also served in the Air Force Reserve as a Diet Therapy Technician assigned to the 440th Medical Squadron at the Pope Army Airfield in North Carolina.

“Currently I serve as the Unit Fitness Training Manager,” Kristina explained. “I ensure members are ‘Fit to Fight’ and meet standards set by the Air Force.”

Kristina does this by monitoring annually scheduled fitness assessment scores and tracking unit member’s readiness status to make sure they are ready to deploy at all times.


We are proud to announce that recently, Kristina was promoted to Staff Sergeant Select after spending five rigorous weeks in Airman Leadership School (ALS). Those who are invited to attend ALS are a select few who have displayed strong leadership skills. Kristina was invited by Command Chief Master Sergeant Rocky V. Hart. Kristina explained that the Command Chief Master Sergeant is the highest enlisted rank in the Air Force. He is also the assistant to the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon.

“I attended a formal ceremony in support of my fellow wingmen,” Kristina said. “During social hour, CCM Rocky V. Hart shook my hand and ordered that I have my ALS application on his desk the next day!”

Due to CCM Hart’s endorsement of Kristina, a process that would have normally taken over a month, only took three days. Kristina explained that this opportunity is not normally offered to a reservist.


Kristina explained that ALS is a five-week-long Air Force program designed to develop airmen into effective front-line supervisors. She said that ALS focuses on developing leadership abilities, the profession of arms, and building effective communication.

“We learn to properly supervise subordinates, set expectations/standards, provide feedback sessions, complete counseling for rehabilitation, and write awards/decorations,” she said. “During the course we are expected to successfully meet standards and pass a formative exam exemplifying an understanding of concepts taught during class.”

Trainees must also meet fitness requirements, as well as successfully command a marching flight and practice military custom and courtesies. They must also complete 55 community service hours, in which Kristina and her team revitalized a school blacktop and garden/entry area.

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Kristina said that going through ALS was challenging for her to manage due to her already hectic schedule. On top of working for ReEmployAbility, she is also a full-time student, studying business administration at Campbell University and has a nine year-old daughter, Naomi.

“I thank God my daughter was such trooper during this demanding time for me,” she said. “Nothing easy is worth having which makes this all the more sweet for me.”

She said she enjoyed the experience and feels she has gained a lot of vital leadership skills that can apply to not only her military life but also her civilian life.

“I now have the tools to shape myself into better leader that is rounded, purposeful, and constantly trying to evolve for the greater good,” she explained. “Ultimately, I am proud to say that I am a part of the World’s Greatest Air Force and I feel beyond blessed to have learned some of the most valuable lessons that will live with me forever!”

We’re proud to have such a hard-working service woman on our team! Way to go Kristina!