In 2009, The Workers’ Compensation Journal published an article written by ReEmployAbility Co-Founder, Frances Ford,  titled, “Transitional Employment – It doesn’t take a Super Hero.” The article outlines the need for employers to have a transitional employment plan in place in case an employee is injured on the job.

Frances explains, “Returning employees to work as soon as possible is statistically one of the greatest cost cutting measures an employer can make.  Promoting the benefits of early return to work following a workers compensation claim and offering a return to work program is the cornerstone of every loss control program ever invented.” ReEmployAbility’s Transition2Work program is designed to limit costs for employers and benefit the injured worker as well. “Case studies report that returning workers recuperate faster, incur less medical costs, benefit psychologically and will avoid the “out-of-work” syndrome.  Returning to modified duty  is shown to improve the employee’s self worth and results in a more positive and productive experience further reducing the chances of suffering an extended disability.  Shortened disability and reduced medical costs is what every risk manager is hoping to achieve,” Frances continues. To learn more about the Transition2Work Program, email, or call (866) 663-9880.