Loyal, hardworking employees are the pride of every employer and longevity in a position is especially treasured these days.  That’s why we are so proud to announce that Corie Wider just celebrated her 5 year anniversary with us!!  Corie embraces the heart and soul of our company.  As an Account Manager, Corie takes the role to a whole new level in this industry.  She wants every adjuster, attorney, employer and injured worker she speaks with every day to understand how to best use or benefit from our services – without wasting their time or money!  She is an expert at finding out a customer’s goals and expertly leads them to the best solution.  It’s a great talent.  But here’s the best kept secret of all: not only is she a dedicated and outstanding member of our staff, she is genuinely one of the funniest people you will ever encounter.  She keeps our work environment rocking with her effervescent personality and quick sense of humor.  Corie gives us so much material to work with, that when we decided to commemorate her 5 year milestone with a fun poem about a Day in the Life of Corie, our resident poet-laureate, Margaret, had to heavily edit down the enormous content!

 So, the next time you speak to Corie, be sure to congratulate her and don’t forget to ask about:

(1) her method of determine if driving restrictions can be accommodated…


(2) her new shoes…

Congratulations, Corie Wider – you made it!

Deb and Frances