In a ruling dated June 20, 2011,  claimant Frances Williamson, a 62 year old licensed practical nurse (LPN) who was injured on 5/23/2001 was denied permanent total disability benefits for voluntarily limiting her income.  Having received SSDI for 8 years Ms Williamson testified she was completely computer literate when questioned about her vocational skills.  However, when the carrier provided vocational services to assist in her employment search, Ms Williamson told ReEmployAbility’s vocational counselor she did not have computer skills and did not apply for jobs on-line as instructed.  Instead Ms Williamson sent her resume by regular mail to the hiring employers provided by ReEmployAbility.  The JCC ruling states that when ReEmployAbility’s vocational expert contacted one of the employers, they indicated Ms Williamson’s resume did not contain a phone number or e-mail address and provided personal information including her age and healthcare restrictions.

In reaching her decision Judge Beck indicated the “employer/carrier (E/C) has established defenses that claimant  retains a substantial earning capacity; that she has failed to test her employability or exhaust all rehabilitative avenues; and that she is voluntarily limiting her income.”

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